S type car sunglasses holder card clipAccessories

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US Warehouse | New fashion S type car glasses clip bill car glasses clip is made from highest quality and low price parts,which is your best choice for cars.S type car sunglasses holder card clip - Accessories


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S type car sunglasses holder card clipAccessories

1. This product can be easily fixed glasses,which shows designers' originality.
    The shelves are the vehicle in the shade of the barb, which can save a space and make the gathering more convenient.

2. This product cabinet modelling is all-sided, which can place not only glasses, 
     but also can place name card, certificate, bus card, highway and various bills and so on.It can be easy for you  to find your items.

3. Easy installation, effortless
4. Use the titanium alloy coating glass frames, full color, pure color,unique, simple to use and convenient.
5. Color:shipped at a radom color

Package included:
1 x  Glasses Holder Clip S type

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